Green Care 4L Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitiser

75% Isopropyl Alcohol

Sell price $59 + delivery fee (approx $10)

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Green Care Group Australia is a leading provider of environmentally friendly products and green solutions for all spaces – the home, office, commercial premises, hotels, shopping centres and medical facilities. From all-purpose natural cleaners and gentle hand gels to recyclable toilet paper and sanitisers, we have a cost effective green solution to rival harmful chemical packed alternatives that will do the trick but without the damage.

There is something we all can do today to reduce our eco footprint and save money too. We pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of earth friendly products that contain natural ingredients that won’t break the budget.

Our products are not only good for the environment – they are good for you too. They are powerful enough to get the job done but don’t contain any harsh chemicals, they are safe to use around asthmatics and they are gentle on your skin.

Switch to green when you clean – it’s the small change you can make today that will help make big changes to our environment tomorrow.

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We know your time is valuable which is why we give the convenience of buying everything from one source. We don’t just offer cleaning products – we have everything: toilet paper, tissues and paper towels made from 100 per cent recycled paper, sanitisers, hand wash, insect control solutions, sanitary bins, odour control products, degreasers, deodorisers and air fresheners. We can even provide dispenser options. And all of our products are environmentally friendly.

Join our growing list of valued customers across Australia who trust our move toward improving sustainability, minimising waste and saving costs. Every contribution we make today toward change is valuable.

Taking the first step to going green is easy:

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Browse our comprehensive online range of environmentally friendly products

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Place your order and we’ll deliver the products to your door anywhere in Australia. It’s that simple.

Eco friendly solutions that will save you money and care for the environment

We all need to do our bit to care for the environment and making a difference is easier than you may think.

We are proud distributors of two very innovative environmental products for the home, workplace or commercial space that will help you save water, conserve energy and preserve the environment.

All natural products
Help protect the environment
Avoid wastefulness
More cost-effective


Using a fraction of the water of a standard tap, this water saving aerator can be fitted to any basin tap in the home, office or commercial premises to reduce water wastage without compromising flow.

Waterblade uses less than 3 litres of water per minute – a significant saving compared to regular aerator nozzles that consume about 5 litres per minute or 9-12 litres per minute for a standard tap. Ideal for the home and all public amenities including hotels and shopping centres.

  • Save Water
  • Save Money
  • Save Time

Green Drains

Designed to eliminate odour, pests and sewage build up, this effective floor drain eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals making it a superior alternative for the home, office or any public building.

Typical drain traps dry out, resulting in unpleasant odours and even insects that require harsh chemicals to treat. Green Drain eliminates these problems with its effective one-way seal that allows water and debris to pass while blocking insects and nasty smells. Ideal for domestic or public showers, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, cafes, clubs and hotels.

  • Stop Odors, Sases and Bugs
  • Easy to Install
  • Save Time and Water

Find out why we are the trusted supplier of the best environmental products on the market.