Care enough to go green

Green Care Group Australia is a small family business with big goals

We take environmental impacts seriously and want to make consumers more eco-conscious of the ever growing need for more green alternative and sustainable products that are gentle for us and our planet.

We are passionate about providing a range of products that don’t damage the environment but are still effective and efficient – natural ingredients that get the job done and do it well but without causing harm.

The chemicals in traditional cleaners are not only dangerous to us but they are hazardous for the environment. We created Green Care Group as a one stop shop for all natural cleaning products, toiletries and water saving solutions, making it easier for individuals and businesses to take a positive step toward creating a healthier environment.

We are proud to see our products being used in homes across Australia as well as in large office spaces, hospitals, popular shopping centres and iconic buildings by people who share our passion for pioneering environmentally friendly solutions.

It may sound cliché but things need to change. And we can all do something positive today to be mindful of the environment. Switch to green.

Who we are:

Green Care Group Australia is a leading provider of environmentally friendly products and green solutions for all spaces – the home, office, commercial premises, hotels, shopping centres and medical facilities.

Our mission:

To be an innovative industry leader, supplying only the best environmentally friendly products on the market at the best value.

Our vision:

A one stop shop, offering an extensive collection of some of the most sustainable environmental products in one place.