Make your business environmentally friendly

Start by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products

There is no denying the impact humans have on the environment. The good news is, there is something every business can do today to join the green revolution and preserve the environment.

Start by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products and using water and energy saving devices to see significant environmental and economic benefits.

Green Care Group can assist commercial and industrial workplaces adopt more eco-conscious practices with our range of sustainable, environmental products:

Toilet and tissue dispensers for recycled paper, designed to prevent overuse and minimise waste
Natural all-purpose cleaners
Chemical free hand wash
Air fresheners
Toilet air clips & urinal screens
Absorbents for spills and odour control
Food grade sanitisers
Insect control solutions
Windows, glass cleaners

Ask us about our eco-friendly aerator

Green Care Group can also help businesses become water wise. Ask us about our eco-friendly aerator, Waterblade, which can deliver significant water savings in public amenities where there is high water usage levels and our Green Drain that stops insects and offensive odours from escaping floor drains.

Our complete range of environmentally friendly products are ideally suited for a range of commercial and industrial workplaces including: shopping centres, food processing facilities, factories, sporting facilities, councils, cruise ships and car wash facilities.

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