Environmentally friendly products for the home

Make your home a healthier place

We are all aware of the responsibility we have to safeguard our planet against the chaos of environmental threats. And while the task may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

Green Care Group has taken the leap toward sustainability by providing a comprehensive range of inexpensive yet effective and efficient products to transform your home into an environmentally friendly haven.

Make the change – and make a difference – by using greener products. Our range is designed to reduce environmental impacts and reduce your costs in the long term. It’s the responsible choice you can make today that will help protect our planet tomorrow.

Some of our products for the home that can help you make an impact include:

Air Fresheners
Toilet Air Clips
Absorbents for Spills and Odour Control
Insect Control Solutions

We choose only superior products that minimise environmental impacts

They will also save you money: for example, our quality air fresheners contain longer lasting fragrance power, making them economical and the natural ingredients means they are also asthma friendly.

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