Sustainability in hospitality

The hospitality industry can arguably have one of the largest impacts on environmentally sustainable practices because of its typically large water and energy consumption

Green Care Group is passionate about tackling this issue by providing a range of products that promote cleanliness and sustainability without any harmful effects on the environment.

Our alternative eco-friendly products – including disinfectants, general cleaners, soaps and gels, degreasers, laundry liquid and many more – have been carefully selected to suit the hospitality industry: from pubs and clubs, restaurants and cafes, hotels and motels as well as the education sector with universities, schools and childcare centres.

Our environmentally friendly product range includes:

Eco-friendly kitchen and tableware such as cutlery, cookware and glassware
Toilet and tissue dispensers for recycled paper, designed to prevent overuse and minimise waste
Natural all-purpose cleaners
Chemical free hand wash
Air fresheners & urinal screens
Oven & dishwashing cleaners
Toilet cleaning clips
Absorbents for spills and odour control
Food grade sanitisers
Insect control solutions
Waterblade aerator for basin taps to reduce water wastage
Green Drain stops insects and offensive odours from escaping floor drains