Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester


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Pet Odours
300mL : 1Litre

Saturate surface with mixed solution and brush in well.
Allow area to dry. For older, more difficult odours, it may be necessary to repeat procedure and/or inject into carpet padding. May be used with pH neutral extractors and shampooers.


Urine odours and urine residuals 125mL : 1Litre Mop diluted product around toilets and urinals. May be used full-strength as a spray or non-acid bowl cleaner.

Hard Surfaces

All odours
60mL : 1Litre
For use on all water-safe surfaces including; tile, grout, wood, vinyl, concrete, porcelain, etc.


Solids and odours 500mL : 1Litre Pour 50mL of mixed solution into drain twice a week. Treat drains when water flow is at lowest point.

Grease Traps

Solids and odours

Pour 1 litre into trap for initial treatment. Thereafter, treat trap with 50mL. per day.

Septic Tanks

Solids and odours Straight Use 1Litre for initial treatment. Thereafter, treat with 50mL per week by flushing down toilet.

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