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Trap & Drain 946ML



Breaks down & digests solids and eliminates odors from drains, grease traps, septics & lagoons


Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom Drains: Pour 89-177ML into drain twice weekly

Grease Traps: Large volume Restaurants 532ML Daily, Small/Medium 237-296ML

Septic Tanks: For initial treatment, pour 1 quart 946ML of Trap & Drain for each 500 gallon capacity. Thereafter add 473ML for each 500 gallon

Lagoons: For initial treatment, add 18.9L per acre surface. Thereafter use 7.57L per acre

Garbage Chutes: Mix 12oML Trap & Drain with 473ml of water and pour, inject or spray into chutes or dumpsters daily